Deer Valley Resort, UT

We changed our service from another national firm to SecureSearch in May of 2008, and it was the best thing I have ever done. It is simple and very easy to read. If you have any questions, their customer service group is always available to help. They are very prompt to return results. I recommend their service without hesitation.

Kari Shelton
Human Resources

United Planet

Our experience with SecureSearch has been wonderful. What I have found most helpful is that any time my team has a question or concern, SecureSearch team members are never more than a call or email away and happy to assist. They have been a tremendous support for United Planet!

Kait Yankello
International Programs Manager

ASAP Personnel Services

SecureSearch is very user friendly, accurate, and their customer support is timely and attentive when additional assistance is required.

P. Moncho
ASAP Personnel Services, Little Rock, AR


SecureSearch has been a great choice for MOPS! We have been pleased all along the way from the relaxed persistence with us in signing up to their extraordinary customer service.  Every time I call looking for help, I have been amazed at the fabulous service I have been given.  The staff are super friendly, always happy to help, good at explaining things and extremely patient with my not-so-smart questions.  The background checks are done in a very timely fashion.  

We are exceptionally pleased and would highly recommend SecureSearch!



Tracy Ro 

Director of Human Resources 

MOPS International, Inc.


Loon Mountain Resort, NH

I look forward to using your system again this winter for our background check needs, I absolutely love the system! SecureSearch saved me hours upon hours of work and time last winter. I happily refer SecureSearch to our entire industry.

Heather Spinney
Human Resources

ACS Technologies

When searching for a Background Check company to provide integrated service to our full client base, one company stood out above the rest to me, SecureSearch. I have not regretted selecting SecureSearch one day since we formed our partnership. Steve Durie and his team serve our Headmaster, Parish Data System, and ACS software clients. He and his team always provide 110% effort on customer service, making sure that every one of our clients is well taken care of. With SecureSearch, it is more than the report and the data in it. As key as that is, understanding what that data means and the process behind it is just as important. SecureSearch takes every effort to go the extra mile with clients to make sure they are doing the most they can to keep their ministry safe. Working with them on a business side has been a great experience as well. They are always there to assist with any issues or to answer any questions. I recommend them to all our clients and anyone who has a Background Check need. It’s great to have them on our team. They are a TRUE partner to ACS and to our valued client base.

Sally Grantham
Project Manager, R&D

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