Screening Services

SecureSearch™ provides a wide range of specific background checks for a number of different purposes. Whether you require a simple criminal and sex crime background check to ensure basic safety, an easy credit or drug check or a comprehensive check for high-level security clearance type individuals, we can handle it. Learn More

Non-Profit Organizations

SecureSearch answers the call here as well. We’ll work with any non-profit organization to implement a comprehensive and workable background screening solution that meets your budget and your objectives.

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We help employers hire the best people in record time, without the high costs of other providers. We strive to provide our clients the fastest, most accurate pre-employment background screening results possible.

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Drug Testing

Drug Testing is clearly one of the most important background checks that can be performed. An individual who uses or abuses drugs or alcohol can not only underperform in the workplace but be a serious threat to others. At SecureSearch, we only use the highest forensic quality drug testing available through Urinalysis and Hair analysis. Learn More


SecureSearch assists associations everywhere in securing the best people for your membership, without the high costs and long turnaround times of other providers. Let us show you how we can add value to your screening process.

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Universities & Colleges

Whether you are a small organization and need individual background screening or are a large international association that needs an enterprise background check system in place.

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Youth Sports

Don’t allow a sexual predator to infiltrate your youth sports program. Demand that your Parks and Recreation department or school uses SecureSearch so you always know who you are dealing with.

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Individual Background Checks:

Does your organization require you to provide your own background check report? Curious what is in your background check profile before applying with a new employer? Are you a healthcare worker in need of your own report? We offer screening services for individuals in all professions and for those who just want to see what might be on their report. Click the “Learn More” button to review services and order an instant check on yourself!

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    Employee and Volunteer Background Checks.

  • youth-sports


    Screening for coaches and volunteers

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    Pre-Employment criminal, MVR and drug screening services

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    Member screening solutions

  • college


    Screening services for staff, volunteers and students

Leading the Industry in Background Checks

SecureSearch™ is the premier online volunteer and pre-employment screening service in the industry today. As the leading provider of background checks, we are used by volunteer and staff recruiters everywhere. Human Resource professionals and hiring managers use our services to ensure they know who they are hiring – every time.

Our customers rely on our fast, compliant, and accurate profiles to make critical decisions. All of our screening services offer the convenience of securely submitting requests and accessing profile reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

SecureSearch™ is committed to creating a safer and more secure workplace and living environment through the responsible use and dissemination of information. All of our business practices are FCRA compliant and our technology platform is HR-XML CONSORTIUM CERTIFIED.

No Membership, Set Up or Recurring Monthly Fees
  • Make educated hiring and recruiting decisions
  • Ensure total safety for children, youth and vulnerable adults
  • Reduce potential liability while mitigating risks
  • Paperless options and automated software is available
  • Custom packages and services
  • Save time and money
  • Economical pricing with volume discounts

Our web-based, user-friendly service enables you to easily order background checks and other screening services online, view reports in progress, receive flagged "hit" notifications, and securely retrieve and be notified of completed profile reports.

We also offer paperless, automated options for managing the entire background check process from getting a signed consent form, complying with State and Federal FCRA compliance to ordering and viewing services and reports. Please review information on Paperless Consent Form Tools and SearchMyBackground.

Software firms with specialties in databases that manage people, employees, volunteers and applicants can benefit by simply integrating our services to expand the value of your products.

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